Web Applications Development Process

Web Development Applications are constructed on 3 levels. These are user services, business services, and data services. In the first phase, a visual access is created to enable client to interact and know about the application. The application can here range from anything basic like HTML to java applets.

After this the business logics are grabbed and business tier is created. As we move one level up it is seen that different complex applications are created here. This can range from web scripting in PHP/ ASP/ Java Server Pages to server side programming. Hence, one can perform complex action through web interface. Finally, data service layer is created. Here all information is stored, retrieved and updated to next high level.

All this sounds simple but it is a complex task altogether. While an application is developed at three levels, this process is developed in 4 phases. This includes prediction and direction of the project, formulating the plan, and development of application. Once the developer is through with the preliminary phases, then the different features are tested. It will be seen that the necessary support and stability is created in the application so that it performs well.

A good Web Application Developed by a professional requires no disk space. It can be upgraded automatically with new features and can be combined with other web applications. They also provide an important feature of cross-platform compatibility i.e. they can work well on Windows, Linux, etc.

For successfully making the web application development plan work it is necessary to choose the right type of projects to work on. if you have plans to work according to the project then it wiser to first assist your resources, technical aptitude of all members, and publishing capabilities.

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