Can I see that on a chart please?

I had a boss that I worked for and you could explain things to him for hours upon hours. However, the only way he wanted to see it, and the only way he would remember it, is with a graph.

I was amazed at the amount of things you could create a graph to get a point across. So, in honor of him, I found some graphs and some great data to share with you.

While I focus on Certification Exams for vendors like Blackberry, Lotus and other vendors. A lot of test tips can be found for taking things like a College Entrance Exam or your driving test, I always do my best to make sure they are tailored to our business. That’s why you are here, right. Pass that certification exam, land the dream job and make some good money.

This one happened to me the other day. I was reading an article from Debbie Lynd, one of the folks in the Domino space that I just idolize. The article was about Domino 8.5 and DAOS and I had just finished reading about iPhone enabling a Domino web app, fault tolerance and the Sometimes gateway. So there I am reading this article and then all of a sudden, I realize that I have been staring at the page for a few minutes without actually reading anything?

The cause? Trying to take in too much information at once.

Hopefully you have heard this before, or experienced it first hand, but your brain works better if you do small chunks of learning instead of big chunks.

It is recommended that your study sessions last between fifteen and forty five minutes. Take five to ten minute breaks between each of these study sessions. Don’t take just my word for it.

Scientists have been proving, conclusively, for over 30 years that taking breaks improves memory function. It’s even been proven to work for rats! The theory and conclusions are that when we spend time learning, we remember more information from the beginning and the end of the session and we typically forget the middle.

By studying in shorter sessions, you remove the middle and don’t have the opportunity to forget it.

So, on to some really ‘jazzy’ graphs. If you are ‘learning’ for two hours, your memory works like this:

But if you break this two hour period up into 25 minute learning sessions with five minute breaks, you memory works like this:

Studying or practicing in shorter more manageable chunks is a really important habit to get into and it will help you to revise more effectively.

The key is to spend your 5 minute breaks distracting yourself, but only for five minutes! Remember - have lots of short breaks, at least one per hour and you will recall more information in your exam.

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