Static or Dynamic Websites from Web4Half - Which Suits You?

Websites are normally classified in two broad classifications, the static websites and the dynamic websites. The Static web site or the so called static web pages are normally created using html with styling done with either graphics or using CSS styles. The dynamic websites would be the ones created using programming languages like PHP, ASP,, JSP etc.

As more and more people discover the benefits of internet marketing, the question that is sure to come up is "Is it easier to make money with blogs or static websites?” This is a great question, because the proper choice of tools and techniques can mean the difference between success and failure.

If you are building a new static site, construct it so that it makes a great first impression. Optimize it with proper navigation and develop it with SEO features from the start. If you have an existing site, fix it up as often as you can or whenever it is necessary to do so. You can add SEO features by section if you do not have the time or available resources to do it all at once. Think about the best places to add new content and how often you will do it. A static website, as the label might suggest, is one that is not designed to change. Once the website has been designed, and the content incorporated into the design template, each page will remain the same as when it was first created.

Dynamic websites, on the other hand, use a database for storing information. This allows programming languages such as ASP, PHP, and CFML to be used and translated to HTML. Then the browser can understand the page and you can use these options to simplify your website developing, rather than going through HTML.

Dynamic websites also allow user-friendly content management. The users can easily edit the texts and images displayed on the website as often as they'd like, which gives them a sense of control over their web pages. This is also a plus because it allows users to not have to rely on a programmer to try to understand their precise commands. 

Dynamic sites are trouble-free to update and maintain. These websites are managed with the help of content management systems (CMS). Dynamic websites include easy access to interactive features, thereby improving its functionality. One can easily manage a dynamic e -commerce website effectively and easily. This means that payments, bookings, maintenance of customer database, product database, etc., are easily controlled. In a static website it is difficult to make complex online solutions like ticket, accommodation facility, booking systems, online storefronts, but on a dynamic website one can incorporate these features easily.

Once you decide that you really want to have a dynamic web site, the next big question that pops up is what programming language should you use for your web site. The most commonly used ones are ASP, PHP, CGI Perl, JSP and the most recent addition being Each language has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance PHP would have a considerable learning curve, but you will have a wide variety of open source applications for you to use on your web site if your host server supports PHP. The ASP web sites would have a much smaller learning curve but these sites are restricted to IIS and the windows environment. Though JSP is one of the languages which probably have a huge learning curve, it provides all the features of Java. There is no doubt that Java can provide you with excellent features when it comes to server side programming.

A dynamic web site would also require a database support to store the information. Normally the CMS systems use a database to store the content and other web site information like the currently selected styles and preferences set by the owner. Similarly you would require a database to store the data from which your code would create the pages or part of the web pages dynamically.

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