Ujanja Lost Mobile Tracking System

There is not doubt that the phone has revolutionized communication in this information age. The third generation phone comes with well equipped advanced technology which is capable of creating a small office right in the palm of your hand. In this office we store information such as business reports, confidential messages and much more.

Above all this the phone has been ranking high with a statistical analysis of in every ten people six loose their phone either the cell phone been stolen or snatched.

To solve this problem East African Data Handlers have come up with a Lost Mobile Tracking System which has the following capabilities:

On replacing the sim card from the registered phone with a another sim card, the  Ujanja lost tracking mobile system will automatically send a short message to any of the two preferred numbers that have already been set during the setting up of the software in the cell phone .

The short message sent indicates the IMEI and the IMSI number of the stolen phone and the sim card been used to make calls.

The International Equipment System Identity is an independent identity number that identifies each handset and can be used to track your cell phone.

The International Mobile Subscriber Identifier is a 156 digit number which can also be traced by the network provider to get the location of your stolen cell phone.

The lost mobile tracking system is designed to occupy the least space of memory, there will be no point that you will decided to remove that tracking system as  the lost mobile software tracking system will in no way affect the normal functioning of your cell phone.

Once the lost tracking software system is installed in to your sell phone it will not run as a background application. The merit is that the cell phone will not have to allocate extra time on start up. Neither will the cell phone consume extra battery charge.

The Ujanja lost tracking software does not require any additional phone accessories as Ujanja tracking software is compatible to third generation cell phones.

The Ujanja tracking software supports Global System for Mobile Communication Technology. Owing to the majority of phone using the GSM technology, majority of cell phone owners can now have their cell phone installed with Ujanja tracking software.

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