IT Industry and economy in United Kingdom

The relentless need of technology-enabled business transformations is keeping up regardless the economic slowdown. As the Globalization is also an economic phenomenon, innovations in the technology are encouraged and experts are looking for more techno-intensive products to the transform the nature of services in all sectors.

The current generation has born with the technology and that suggests there will not set backs in the current path where the innovative advances are heading. Computers, highly intelligent video games, motion sensors and internet world, are not so surprising for this newer time. Also the environmental concerns have left some room for building a new branch of green technology, which may lead to some extraordinary world in next few decades.

UK addresses the higher level of skills required to remain in the competition in a global environment. Along with the traditional skill set, there are new horizons of business management which are becoming needful within the industry in this cutting IT age. Project management, customer services, development, security and risk management – all these factors have been essential since the technology entered in this global competition, however, new dimensions are shaping up going ahead – enterprise architecture,  business intelligence, sourcing and vendor management, IS strategy and planning etc. Businesses have started suffering who lacked the basic operational environment and a stable infrastructure. Long term plans and the skilled workforce to meet the organizational commitments are inevitable.

Cost remains the core issue as the United States of America may define the strict policies for outsourcing. However, it is going to be a mammoth task if they will have to re-establish the businesses within the country.  Thousands of the companies do not just outsource but they have fully operational development centers in low-cost Asian countries. With United Kingdom, the problem remains identical. But having a longer economic and industrial history, UK is opting out the struggle in IT industry at some extent. The plans which were already on board are pushed back or scraped for the time being. Many live projects are facing the heat and the providers are also getting badly affected. Apart from that, retail sector is playing a huge role in the economic downturn. But that is an after effect of an individual’s declining financial strength. The signs started showing up when people queued up to Northern Rock bank in 2006. Lending patterns of UK’s financial institutes is quite hazardous and that has left people hugely reliable on borrowed money. Actual figures could be shocking, and amount of money has been borrowed by the people could be insane. The bubble may blast anytime and we cannot do anything but hope for the best.

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